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The Shotover U1 cinema drone is the most sophisticated, capable and safe remote aerial filming platform in the world and Flying Glass is proud to be one of the first companies to bring this to the UK and Europe.

The Shotover U1 sets a new standard for drone cinematography and imaging as the first solution to accommodate cinema quality cameras and lenses. We can fly amazing combinations including the 6K RED Weapon Dragon, Arri Alexa Mini, Phantom Flex 4K, Panasonic Varicam LT and Sony F55 cameras with Arri, Canon, Fujinon and Angenieux zoom lenses.  This flexibility allows us to carry the right payload for whatever the mission requires.

Further increasing functionality, the Shotover U1 gimbal (G1) can be detached from the multirotor and used as a standalone gyro-stabilized platform for mounting on motorcycles, cars, boats, cables and almost anything that moves.  Other U1 features include redundant flight control and battery systems, customized downlink with two HD video feeds and unparalleled stability even at full zoom.

The Shotover U1 builds upon Shotover’s expertise in the aerial cinematography industry with its class leading Shotover F1 and Shotover K1 gyro-stabilized camera systems.  Recent credits include Hollywood blockbusters Jurassic World, Furious 7 and Spectre; Shotover has also been tapped by the BBC for filming telephoto 4K footage of wolves, bears and caribou in Canada’s remote Northwest Territories for a six-part wildlife documentary series scheduled to air in 2016.

The Shotover U1 is the first drone specifically designed for broadcasters and big budget filmmakers, allowing productions to employ the same professional grade cameras and lenses they choose for their principal photography. Coupled with unsurpassed reliability and support, the Shotover U1 will enable cinematographers to capture breathtaking shots, including those that wouldn’t be possible with a helicopter or crane – such as from inside a waterfall – without having to sacrifice image quality.

The Shotover U1’s redundant battery system with on screen feedback of cell voltage and capacity allows the pilot to turn off a failed battery cell and get the ship home safely.  The redundant flight control system provides operators with the ability to quickly switch to a back-up flight controller if the need arises.  Additional features of the Shotover U1 include a user-friendly design that allows operators to easily swap cameras and lenses during a shoot, 10x more pan motor torque than other prosumer gimbals and a unique balancing system for unshakeable stability.  Like all Shotover systems, the Shotover U1 has no ITAR restrictions, enabling it to be shipped around the world.