ITV Drama “Beowulf”

A bit of a throwback post on a Sunday afternoon…

2015 was a great year for Flying Glass, with lots of exciting new developments and jobs, but one of our highlights, in terms of challenging flying was “Beowulf” – an 11 episode, Sunday evening, fantasy ITV drama series, filmed in County Durham and Northumberland. ITV Studios spent millions of pounds building epic scale and remarkable detail sets in four locations that we flew at. The main set consisted of a fortress village built around a lake in a disused gravel pit. It comprised a section of fort, an industrial complex, an arena, a village and a grand hall on the hill top. There were also a a couple of smaller waterside sets and a forested set at other locations.

The main challenge that we, along with DOP David Baillie faced with the drone, through the summer months of 2015, was the wind (and the rain) on some of the rather exposed locations. There were days when we were fighting 25mph winds with gusts, trying to track action from the air. So we were lucky that the production were very accommodating to those issues. It was all great fun, and it resulted in some really great drone shots in the show.

We were flying a Red Dragon, shooting 6K on Zeiss Primes, and there were a lot of CGI effects included in the show, so they required that extra bit of resolution. We tracked packs of horses, sword fights, battle scenes and invisible (to us) fish, (swimming down a river with a lot of overhanging trees, in the bottom of a valley) and other invisible monsters and characters! Basically lots of running and moving stuff, which is great to shoot!

Looking back now, it fills us with a sense of greater excitement about the imminent take off of our Shotover U1 drone, in considering what a difference the U1 would have made to the shots that we managed to achieve on Beowulf, and the manner in which we had to achieve them. So, exciting times ahead.

Here are a few pictures from our time on the show.¬†And we’d also like to point you to director Marek Losey’s great photos of the show on his website: HERE