Zoom lenses on a drone

Year upon year the advent of drones has seen steady growth in technological innovation. Here at Flying Glass Ltd, a UK based company, we are bucking the trend and have stretched the technology to unprecedented heights. Our latest innovation, coming in 2016, includes the Shotover U1 Drone, which could replace or supplement many of the shots seen from full size helicopters for sports, news, outside broadcast and other programme making.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art ultra lightweight stabilised gimbal, Flying Glass are able to fly a 14:1 zoom lens up to a height of 400ft above ground level. This zoom range is equivalent to a 18-300mm lens on a S35 camera. On board recording is possible on any digital cinema camera, including Arri Alexa Mini, Red Weapon Dragon, Panasonic Varicam LT and Sony’s flagship F55 camera, which is able to capture gorgeous 4K, HD or UHD images or crop in to HD and double our zoom focal length in post-production.

Flying Glass know that moments are over in an instant, which is why we are setup to fly independently all day with battery changeover times less than 2 minutes long. Out top-of-the-range system also includes a Cobham HD downlink capable of sending live HD video back to base on a robust licensed frequency. This means even in densely populated areas with thousands of mobile and WiFi devices our live signal is unimpaired and interference free.

Zoom, iris and focus are all controlled remotely with the option of adding engineering control to remotely adjust Gain, Shutter, Colourimetry, Gamma and Pedestal from a vision engineer’s panel.

For more details please see visit our Shotover U1 page here or contact info@flying-glass.com

Check out the video here: