Our heavy lift drone is fitted with a Freefly MoVi M15 which will carry up to around 4.5kg worth of camera kit. This would ordinarily consist of a camera body, such as Alexa Mini, Red Weapon Dragon, or Sony F55 plus a compact prime lens and focus/iris control.

A package such as this will have a flight time of around 9 minutes.

Additional features included with this drone are:

▪ Complete control of focus and iris functions on the lenses – whilst on shot, in the air.

▪ A broadcast specification, interference-free, Cobham HD downlink on a licenced frequency to provide a solid, long range HD feed. This can be used for LIVE Outside Broadcast. It also provides full resolution, stable HD monitoring on OLED HD monitors at the groundstation, along with onscreen camera and lens data.

▪ The ability to record, via our HD downlink to the base station, a master, a backup or a proxy file in any format you chose*. We also save media storage space with a remote stop/start facility, reducing your rushes to the minimum required, and not rolling during take off and landing.

▪ The latest large, high resolution HD OLED monitors for accurate composition, colour reproduction and level monitoring on location. These can also allow accurate and immediate replay facilities.

▪ A fully encrypted, wireless, duplex intercom system meaning that the pilot and cameraman are in permanent communication. This is critical for safety, and to ensure that shots are achieved, whatever the environment or circumstances the pilot and cameraman find themselves in.

▪ On location 5Kw power supply to ensure continuity of supply for the considerable battery requirements of the aircraft and camera kit and monitoring.

▪ The option of full engineering control of colourimetry and racking of the camera if required.

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