The first Shotover G1 stabilized gimbal arrives in the UK!

We were lucky enough to be the owners of the first of Shotover‘s new compact gimbal, the Shotover G1. Designed to be flown on the Shotover U1 drone, the gimbal is lightweight, yet versatile, being able to fit onto other mounts and vehicles. Carrying a far greater range of cameras and lenses than all the other smaller gimbals out there (such as the Freefly MoVi M15, DJI Ronin etc), this is a remarkable bit of kit, and from our first experiences, blows these other gimbals out of the water, in terms of power and stability.

It has had a busy first few weeks, working on different jobs, being fitted to assorted vehicles and boats, and testing it in a lot of different circumstances. It is more time consuming to rig than it is to rig a camera onto an M15, for instance, however the ability to mount zoom lenses means that after the initial rig ,there is no mucking around changing lenses, so over the course of a day, it is a lot quicker and more flexible.

We shot some outstanding footage with the G1 and are really looking forward to flying it on our Shotover U1 multirotor in the next few weeks.