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Fly the Arri Alexa 65 on a drone

Alexa 65
Alexa 65
Alexa 65
Alexa 65
ARRI Rental’s ALEXA 65 system is available exclusively through its global network of rental facilities. Offering a complete large-format solution for high-end motion pictures, television productions and commercials, the system comprises a 65 mm digital cinema camera, custom-designed prime and zoom lenses, and fast, efficient workflow tools. The ALEXA 65 camera is a scaled-up version of an ALEXA SXT, able to capture an uncompressed ARRIRAW 65 mm image of stunning intensity and definition.

With a sensor larger than a 5-perf 65 mm film frame, ALEXA 65 harks back to the golden age of 65 mm widescreen filmmaking in the mid-20th century, when this newly introduced format captured the imagination of cinema audiences around the world. 65 mm grew into an inspirational format, providing an epic frame within which the biggest and most visually impactful stories could be told.

In many ways ALEXA 65 represents the evolution of ARRI’s 765 65 mm film camera, first introduced in 1989 and used over the last quarter-century by major cinematographers on feature films including Far and Away, Little Buddha, Hamlet, Sunshine, The International, Shutter Island and Gravity. Whether for an entire movie or selected sequences, filmmakers have long valued the opportunity to capture images in the 65 mm format, with its immersive levels of detail and rich cinematic heritage.

The ALEXA 65 sensor itself has exactly the same photosite design as that found in ARRI’s successful 35 mm format ALEXA digital cameras, aside from being much larger. The individual photosites on the ALEXA sensor are of an optimal size, carefully balancing the various different parameters involved in maximizing image quality.

With an open gate resolution of 6560 x 3100 photosites, ALEXA 65 offers the same incredible sensitivity, high dynamic range and natural colorimetry as ALEXA, but far greater spatial resolution. This results in images that will look stunningly life-like on the largest cinema screens, with pristine clarity and incredibly fine detail.

An integral part of the ALEXA 65 system is a range of exclusive 65 mm prime lens series specifically designed to cover the full image area of the sensor and do justice to the exceptional levels of detail it is capable of capturing. Through collaborations with cinematographers, ARRI Rental’s range of full-coverage 65 mm lenses is continually growing.

In common with ALEXA SXT, ALEXA 65 captures in the ARRIRAW format, which delivers uncompressed, uncompromised, unencrypted images. ARRI Rental worked closely with Codex during the camera development to create a new high-performance workflow unique to the ALEXA 65, which processes full resolution uncompressed ARRIRAW 65 mm images. Depending on your shooting environment and location, the workflow can run on either a purpose-configured ARRI Rental Vault S65 or the new high performance ARRI Rental Vault XL65.

Just as they did with 65 mm celluloid, filmmakers utilize the experiential feel of ALEXA 65 images according to the creative requirements of each individual production. In many cases the 65 mm format has been used for sweeping vistas and wide landscape shots, but other cinematographers, including Mihai Malaimare Jr. on The Master and Frank Griebe on The International, have used the format for extreme close-ups, exploring the human face as a landscape and crafting intensely intimate dialogue scenes.

The overall performance, cost-efficiency and flexibility of the ALEXA 65 allows many high-profile productions the choice to shoot with 65 mm digital in their entirety, or alternatively, utilise the scale and fidelity of the large capture format for selected establishing shots or high-impact VFX sequences.

What is ALEXA 65?

ALEXA 65 is a turnkey capture and workflow solution. More than just a 65 mm digital cinema camera that delivers exceptionally high quality images, ALEXA 65 is a complete large-format system, offering custom-designed prime lens, zoom lens and workflow solutions for high-end theatrical motion pictures.

What are the physical characteristics of the camera?

The camera is about the same size and weight as an ALEXA XT Studio.

What sensor is inside?

At the heart of the ALEXA 65 is the A3X sensor; the largest high-performance motion picture sensor available on the market today. The sensor has a 54.12 mm x 25.58 mm active imaging area, which is even larger than the film gate of ARRI’s 765 65 mm film camera.

The maximum recordable resolution from the A3X sensor is 6560 x 3100 photosites, with a dynamic range of more than 14 stops. The sensor design is based on the same photosite technology as the ALEXA XT, therefore image attributes such as colorimetry and dynamic range will match well with any member of the ALEXA family. This allows productions the freedom to mix the use of 35 mm format ALEXA XT cameras with the larger 65 mm format ALEXA 65, without having to worry about adopting different workflows or any additional color correction of images in postproduction.

Can I buy the ALEXA 65?

The ALEXA 65 is only available for rent through the ARRI Rental organization.

Will the ALEXA 65 replace the ALEXA XT?

Not at all. While the ALEXA 65 offers the incredible image of the 65 mm format, for most feature films, TV series or commercials, the Super 35 format of the ALEXA XT remains a great solution.

The ALEXA 65 is yet another tool in the filmmakers arsenal of ALEXA cameras, a tool for high-end application. One also needs to consider the need for special 65 mm lenses, faster recording media and adequate workflow tools.

What are the frame rates and recording media?

Since it was launched the ALEXA 65’s capabilities have been extended through pioneering technology advances. The system now supports 2TB SXR capture drives as a recording medium, offering 43 minutes of recording time at the full 6560 x 3100 sensor resolution. The SXR technology also permits groundbreaking read and write speeds, enabling 60 fps full resolution ARRIRAW recording, plus faster offload rates, delivering a quick, cost-effective and streamlined workflow solution via the Vault S65 and the Vault XL65 systems.

Can I record ProRes on the ALEXA 65?

No. The ALEXA 65 only records ARRIRAW.

Can I configure the camera settings and use the same accessories as I can with ALEXA XT?

Yes. ALEXA 65 can be configured in exactly the same way as an ALEXA XT. On-set ARRI Look File support and CDL works the same as ALEXA XT too.

What are the power requirements for the ALEXA 65?

The ALEXA 65 is a standard 24 V camera system, and as such, uses the same block battery solutions as the ALEXA XT.

Why are there two additional fans at the front of the camera?

The higher performance A3X sensor and higher bandwidth signal processing of the ALEXA 65 requires a little more cooling at the front end, compared to a regular ALEXA XT. These additional fans run very quietly and are modeled on the standard ALEXA fan system; therefore they have no contact with any of the cameras internal electronics.

In addition, the same sensor temperature control method is used on ALEXA 65 as with any member of the ALEXA family. The sensor is actively maintained at a constant temperature to ensure accurate and trusted image performance under all environmental conditions.

Camera type65 mm format digital cinema camera
SensorARRI A3X CMOS sensor
Image aperture5-perf 65 mm (54.12 mm x 25.58 mm active image area)
Sensor resolution6560 x 3100 (Open Gate – maximum recordable)
DimensionsLength: 387.8 mm | 15.3 in
Width: 208.3 mm | 8.2 in
Height: 163 mm | 6.4 in
(body only with XPL mount)
Weight10.5 kg | 23.2 lb
Lens mountARRI XPL mount with Lens Data System (LDS) functionality
ShutterElectronic, 5.0º to 358.0º. Adjustable with 1/10º precision.
Frame rates20 to 60 fps (Open Gate)
Exposure indexEI 200 to EI 3200. Base sensitivity EI 800
Dynamic range>14 stops

Recording system

Recording file formatUncompressed ARRIRAW
Sensor crop modes1.78 Crop Mode (5-perf 65 mm): 5120 x 2880
1.50 Crop Mode (8-perf 35 mm): 4320 x 2880
StorageCodex SXR Capture Drive
2000 GByte capacity
Max. frame rate capability: 60 fps (Open Gate)
Recording time: 43 minutes @ 24 fpsCodex XR Capture Drive
480 GByte capacity / 850 MByte per second data rate
Max. frame rate capability: 27 fps (Open Gate)
Recording time: 11 minutes @ 24 fps

System interfaces

ViewfinderElectronic color viewfinder ARRI EVF-1
BNC connectors4 x 3G SDI
– MON (1) OUT: 2 x 3G SDI
– MON (2) OUT: 2 x 3G SDI
SD cardFor software updates and menu settings etc. as with ALEXA
New high speed operating mode for fast ARRIRAW frame grabs (planned feature)
Miscellanous interfacesFocus / iris / zoom motor control with full wireless lens control support
5 x RS 24 V
1 x 12 V
TC I/O (5-pin Lemo)
1 x LDD
2 x LCS
BAT and ACC connection

Monitoring and playback

Monitoring3 independent color outputs, all with optional overlays:
MON OUT assistive displays:
Zoom, overscan, overlay info, frame lines, false color exposure check, peaking focus check
CDLCDL server support is provided as ALEXA XT
In-camera playbackPlayback via EVF-1, HD-SDI MON OUT including audio

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