Beautiful Aerial Footage of the Cloud Inversion near Blencathra

In early November 2015 the gods treated us to a visual spectacular while filming for Terry Abraham’s (@terrybnd) latest creation for the BBC: ‘Life of a Mountain – Blencathra’. This year long project has been a delight and a challenge to work on and this day was no exception.

Such opportunities rarely come about in the UK, so we made the most of it, arising from our slumber at 5am and visiting 5 locations around the mountain. We shot until our memory cards were full and our batteries were empty.

This footage was shot on our Sony F55 in 4K with our Zeiss 15, 17 and 25mm Compact Prime Lenses. Coupled with the Preston F&I motors and Cobham HD downlink we were getting 9 minute flight times on our heavy lift drone.

Here is a small taste of what we filmed on the day, for more you will need to watch the film.