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Drone flying an Arri Alexa Mini. Remote Aerial filming Shotover U1 and Freely MoVi gimbals. UK

Over 20 years combined experience flying RC aircraft

Remote Aerial Filming UK with Sony F55 and Red Epic and Arri Alexa Mini cameras in the UK. Drone filming and feature film, TV, drama and commercial productions

Alexa Mini | Alexa LF | Alexa 65 | Sony VENICE | F55 | RED | Phantom Flex 4K | Panasonic Varicam

Cobham HD COFDM Drone Downlink. Arri Alexa Live. Sony F55 Live. Red Epic Dragon Live. Remote aerial filming. Drone Filming. Flying Glass UK. Feature Film TV Drama

Cobham licenced frequency, broadcast spec, live HD links

Remote Aerial Filming UK - Sony HD Monitors Arri Alexa Mini Shotover U1 Heavy lift drone

Industry standard, professional grade 17 inch Sony OLED HD monitors

Remote Aerial Filming UK - Ultimate Drone for Filming Freely Movi Gimbal. Shotover U1. Drone filming. Arri Alexa Mini. F55. Red Epic Dragon

Stabilising your drone shots with the Shotover G1 gimbal

angenieux-lens-remote-aerial-filming UHD and HD camera lens for filming Variable prime lenses. Zoom Lenses. Prime Lenses. Ultraprime Lenses. Angenieux, Canon Arri. Zeiss. Optimo. Master primes. Preston Cinema Systems HU3, MDR3 FI+Z3 Drone filming remote aerial filming uk array alexa mini

Cooke | Angenieux | Arri | Fuji | Canon | We believe it’s all about the glass

ARPAS member. Euro USC. Bnuc. CAOSC. CAA Permission to fly. Remote aerial filming. Drone filming