Flying Glass is the UK and Europe’s first and most experienced remote aerial filming company able to fly the full range of large format, digital cinema cameras.

Flying Glass are super heavy lift specialists, flying huge payloads on our Shotover U1 aircraft. We can fly camera packages, including zoom lenses, that weigh up to an amazing 13kg. This opens up incredible new creative opportunities for flying cameras previously only flown on a full-sized helicopter.

Arri Alura 18-80
Arri Alexa Mini Angenieux Optimo 45-120
Sony Venice and Angenieux Optimo 28-76
Alexa 65 Arri Prime DNA
Arri Alexa Mini Angenieux Optimo 15-40
Shotover U1 Super Heavy Lift Aircraft
Phantom Flex 4K Canon CN7 17-120


Flying Glass was formed in 2012 with the ambition to fly more than just a small, lightweight, wide  angle lens. We wanted to fly big lenses – such as zooms and anamorphics.

Three years later, we were near to our goal. But then we raised the stakes and decided that we wanted to fly not just big lenses, but big cameras too. We could then give productions a better choice in what they shoot and how they shoot it.

By 2016, Flying Glass had reached that goal and we can now fly any large format camera, plus a choice of zoom, prime or anamorphic lenses.

As well as being the most experienced operators, we were also the first company in the UK to be licenced by the CAA to fly a super heavy lift aircraft (which at 40kg max, weighs twice as much as any other drone in the UK).

Our operating procedures, pilots and aircraft were rigorously assessed by the CAA in a process which took nearly a year, resulting in them issuing us with a unique exemption from the standard drone regulations.

This exemption allows us to fly the Shotover U1 aircraft day and night, up to 120m high and up to 500m away from the pilot.

Part of our exemption, with adequate planning and safety procedures, also allows us to fly in built-up areas, just 20m from the public, or 50m from crowds over 1000 people. (The standard drone rules forbid flights in built-up areas and may not be within 50m of the public or within 150m of crowds)


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  • We are the leading super heavy lift specialists in the UK and Europe
  • We have a unique CAA exemption, allowing us to fly just 20m from the public
  • Our exemption safety case allows us to operate in congested areas
  • Our professional RC helicopter pilots have over 15 years experience in their field
  • We can fly up to 13kg of camera kit – big cameras and big lenses

  • We can operate day and night, in winds up to 25mph
  • We fly the Shotover G1 – the best compact, stabilised gimbal on the market
  • We operate only premium equipment including licensed downlinks and uplinks
  • Our public liability insurance covers us for up to £10 million as standard
  • Our aircraft are uniquely fitted with multiple safety emergency backup systems
  • We can supply a complete backup aircraft and system
  • We are 1st Option Safety vetted and approved